Welcome to our new blog!

Welcome to our new blog!

Hello everyone, welcome to The Furniture Recycling Shop's first post! 

Let me tell you a little bit about the shop and where you can find us.

The furniture recycling shop is a family business that started in 2005, nestled between High Wycombe and Maidenhead in a little village called Bourne End.

What do we sell in The Furniture recycling shop? We mainly sell solid quality wooden furniture as well as all those little objects that helps to make your house a home. It's a treasure trove of antiques, quality vintage and little curiosities.

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Every week we will be posting new ideas on how to decorate your house or rented accommodation, tips and tricks on how to look after and renovate your furniture and new up and coming trends for the home. We will also be posting some of our own inspiration, so watch this space!


Spring/Summer Trends for 2016

Let’s start off by looking at trends for 2016 and what 5 key pieces will keep your home up to date:

  1. Black and white decor     -   minimalism
  2. Matte finishes                      -   matte glazes, chalk finishes, oxidized metals.
  3. Marble accents                    -   small touches of luxury
  4. Farmhouse kitchens         -   statement dining tables
  5. Plants                                         -   colour and texture

Well there is certainly still a strong trend in minimalism, with its simple clean lines and black and white decor. But this year we are seeing warmer tones being brought into the minimalist spaces with natural wooden furniture and colourful embroidered and woven fabrics.


minimalist kitchen, colour, rug, wooden                Photo: Lonny

Try mixing old furniture with new to create different textures, lines and interest by adding more character to your home. As a renter, I've mastered this style quite well by the generosity of friends and family's old furniture. You also have be quite savvy when purchasing key furniture items, invest in quality that will stand the test of time.

interior, home, furniture, the furniture recycling shop, glass, vintage,metal trunk, plants, wicker basket                 Photo: Jennifer Austin

Now for those of you lucky home owners, farmhouse inspired kitchens have always been a trend, but even more so this year. A contemporary farmhouse twist is to keep the kitchen effortly simple - white walls, warm wooden beams and a statement dining table. Having a statement dining table is key, whether it be wooden, glass, metal or plastic you want it to stand out for all the good reasons. But for a farmhouse inspired look, go for a solid wooden table and chairs, or even better if you enjoy larger crowds, benches to squeeze everyone on. Check out our dining table and chair sets here on our online shop to choose your own style! We think this rustic farmhouse style table with benches would be the perfect statement table for any home.

farmhouse table, dining table, wooden table, the furniture recycling shop, rustic dining table, benches

Last year’s trend of cooper works so well with this year’s matte finishes of oxidized metals, glazes and marble accents. By using chalk paint, why not decorate your own items for a fresh new look? Check out our sister site Jot & Jumble for an array of different coloured chalk paints to get creative with! We would love to see what you create with our paint and want to see your photos. Share your photo with us on Facebook and you never know we might feature you in our next post! 

Here are some inspirational plant pots we found on Pinterest

Marij Hessel, painted plant pots, terracotta pots, plants, interior   interior, plant pot, terracotta, stripes
Photo: Marij Hessel                                                                 Photo: Steph Hung

Grab that old terracotta pot from the garden, give it a wash and add a new lick of chalk paint. You can add your own patterns or lines with gold pens for a touch of glamour. As a keen new gardener I have loved growing my own plants from little clippings, the living room has been brought to life with bursts of green and happiness. Alternatively if you don't have green fingers, why not have a family trip to the garden centre this weekend and each pick your own indoor plant! Add your plants into interesting pots, jugs,or quirky objects to add interest, colour and textures into your home. Check out our vintage copper kettle online, if you don’t own a stove but would love to own a copper kettle, why not make this into a show stopper of a plant pot?

plant, plant pots, glass, vase, galss vase, metal, wire, interior
                 Photo: Jennifer Austin

Tip of the week

Fix furniture blemishes with a Walnut
A walnut I hear you ask? Yup it really does work, check out how here 
walnut, how to fix furniture scratches, diy, cover scratches, natural oils

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